Sphynx Cat Communication – Biting

 In sphynx cats

Sphynx Cats can bite when they are happy, playful, tired or hungry. When a sphynx cat is happy, the cat may give you a weak bite which is harmless which many owners call a ‘nip’. Nipping is like human kissing, and the sphynx cat may make other gestures such as purring, tail erection, forward whiskers, rubbing of the face on nearby objects, arching of the back when patted, licking, etc.

Although alot of nipping is affectionate it can turn into a bite when a sphynx cat becomes irritated or tired of being patted. The difference is that a bite will be harder than a nip but will rarely be painful. When a sphynx cat bites they will also be showing other signs of irritation (e.g. purring stopped, eyes wide open or expression hardened, tail no longer vertical (often thumping), body stiffened, whiskers and ears pointed backwards, paw swiping at the patting hand before or immediately after the bite).

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