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All of the Llynfi Valley Sphynx and Bambino Kittens will be registered with the World Cat Federation in (South Africa)

The welfare and health of all the cats are a important consideration to all of the WCF members, breeders, and owners of cats. All of the new sphynx and bambino kittens with be given a beautifully laminated “Pedigree Registration Certificate” upon leaving to their new home this documented information will show the Dam and Sire family tree spanning back to five generations of registered parents grandparents and great grandparents…

The Bambino Cat is a very exclusive breed, and are very much sort after within the United Kingdom and Abroad, many cat lovers are finding this particular cat extremely desirable due to their captivating short legs, but due to this fact care does need to be taken in consideration of this genetic mutations of their short limbs.

The Bambino Kitten will take a year to fully develop so as they are in the physical development, and growing all the time just like a human baby an understanding to their adaptability, and agility to perform certain playful activities are important.

Its quite remarkable but these short-legged bambino kittens are so enegetic, and can jump up on your tables, and kitchen units, but jumping down from these high furniture appliances can be a difficult situation due to their fragile short legs, uniquely this is why their agility levels are so  different to any other breed of cat.

Lots of playful activities and plenty of cat toys are important to promote good physical health and discontentment within the breed, also it is very important to be patient while your Sphynx or Bambino Kitten adapts to its new home, and family household, it usually takes about a month for a kitten to feel completely relaxed, and intergrated in their new home and surroundings. All of the Sphynx and Bambino are all indoor cats, but surprisingly to that fact they do still possess the hunting instincts and characteristics of their cousins the outdoor cat, there does needs to be lots of opportunities for them to hunt to keep them inspired, and happy through the day so with lots of empathy, love, playful activities, and good quality food this unique breed of cat do have a warm personality, and are very intelligent. The charisma and personality qualities within this breed are admired and highly respected by cat lovers, they are truly loving, loyal, and exquisitely adorable. Below is a selection of Llynfi Valley Sphynx and Bambino Kittens that have found loving homes.below is a selection of Llynfi Valley Sphynx and Bambino Kittens that have found loving homes.

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