Activities of our Sphynx Cats

 In sphynx cats

In the winter months there appears to be a lack of enthusiasm and motivation for any energetic activities with the cats it appears they hibernate to some extent, due to the cold weather.

Winter can be a reasonably challenging period for the sphynx cats and kittens having no fur to keep themselves warm they are subjected to feel the cold more than a cat that does have fur.

They are susceptible to variabilities of temperature, so some sphynx cat owners invest a lot of money on clothing to help to maintain their core body temperature when it’s cold such as jumper’s, pyjamas and sweatshirts

Our cats however prefer their igloo cat beds, radiator beds, and snuggly fleecy blankets to keep themselves warm, or the airing cupboard appears to be a favourite place of theirs, which is elegantly interior designed and adapted for them in mind.

In the late afternoon and evenings when the build-up of warmth has increased within the house slowly the cats start to get actively motivated, energy levels start to rise and they are all physically warm now, and contented for the fun and games to start -let the playful activities begin……

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