Poppy Flora Sphynx Cat

poppy flora white sphynx cat bio

Name: Poppy Flora

Gender and Breeding Status:  Non-Active.

Date of Birth: 27.06.2014

Colour: Green Eyed White Sphynx

Registered Pedigree Breeder: – Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. (Champion Pedigree Ancestry History) and documentation proof.

Medical History: up-to date on all relevant vaccinations. Recent health check result excellent.


Poppy is a reserved quiet peaceful cat who just loves relaxing and sleeping, and having some quality time by herself in her specially designed airing cupboard, which was intended for all of the cats to enjoy, but now she is the only one that sleeps in this cosy, comfortable place and where she finds that peace and tranquillity

Games and activities she loves, especially playing with her cat toys, jumping up in the air is one of her favourite activities she is such an athlete and can leap high in the air with her duck and stick.
After her strenous playful activities she loves nothing more than watching the birds through the window, and that suprisingly do relax her for awhile.

An affectionate cat, who is just enjoying her moment in peace and tranquility, and thats her Poppy Flora….