Name: CoCo -Chanel

Gender and Breeding Status: Non Active

Date of Birth: 27-06-2014

Colour: Seal Tortie Point Sphynx

Registered Pedigree Breeder: – Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (Grand and Great Champion Pedigree Ancestary History) and documentation proof.

Medical History: up-to date on all relevant vaccinations. recent health check result excellent.


Coco has a beautiful tortoise patchy mult -colored coat and amazing hazel eyes, which gives her that unuiqe apperance, an independant shy cat who ocassionaly loves to be cuddled and couched, as a consequence for her timidnes she will only come to you for affection sometimes, and that is only to show you that she still loves you…

In regards to excersise activities she just adores playing with her small plastic toy balls on the stairs running up and down with lots of vitality she really enjoys this particular activitiy so much, an amazing fun-loving cat that is enjoying herself immensly at this moment in time that our beautiful CoCo….