Name: Cwmbrefi Ceaser

Gender and Breeding Status: Male Active

Date of Birth: 01-06-2013

Colour: Blue Eyed White

Registered Pedigree Breeder: – Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. (Grand and Great Champion Pedigree Ancestry History) and documentation proof.

Medical History: up-to date on all relevant vaccinations. Recent health check result excellent. HCM (hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) tested – negative result document validated proof.


Ceaser’s main characteristics feature is his amazing blue eyes, and people do actually comment on his captivating good-looks, and beauty, however his personal characteristics are quite surprisingly different though, he’s has a very dominant and bossy nature this is due to his active sexual hormones levels.

As a pedigree sphynx breeder its essential to have patience and understanding to your stud male cat’s behaviour, and the hormonal frustration he is going through “only then” you can reap the rewards of your patience, and perseverance in breeding these beautiful and adorable sphynx kittens,

Feline active male cats are generally dominant and hyperactive this is due to their hormones testosterone levels, in my opinion to reduce this frustration, and hyperactivity a regular bout of playful vigorous activities reduces that hormonal frustration, and quite surprisingly can bring about calmness and stability

In regards to love and affection our cat can be cuddled, and couched but only on his terms, it’s amazing to see the love, and fondness shining through those stunning big blue eyes, a cat with energy, vitality and a enjoyment for life that our beautiful Ceaser….