Name: Moonrise Bonita

Gender and Breeding Status: Active

Date of Birth: 08-06-2015

Colour: Blue Sphynx

Registered Pedigree Breeder: – Governing Council of the Cat Fancy. (Grand and Great Champion Pedigree Ancestry History) and documentation proof.

Medical History: up-to date on all relevant vaccinations. Recent health check result excellent.


Bobo has a beautiful black and slightly hairy coat, she has captivating green eyes, which gives her that mystic, and alluring appearance. Characteristics slightly reserved in nature, fun-loving, with bags of confidence, she do love cuddles and couches sometimes. But only on her terms, her favourite activity is sitting in the garden on a sunny warm day, leisurely watching the birds, butterflies, bees, with an amazing curiosity, and awe of the nature and its beauty.

In regards to exercise activities she adores just playing with her small pull-cord mouse, running around the carpet after it, she also loves to play with her plastic balls on the stairs running up and down with lots of vitality and energy, an amazing out-going playful cat who is just enjoying her life to the full that our beautiful Bobo…..