Blood Group Types of the Llynfi Valley Sphynx Cats are as follows…

Ceaser the Sire Blood Group Type (A)
Zummi the Dam Blood Group Type (A)
BoBo the Dam Blood Group Type (A)

All our breeding Pedigree Sphynx/Bambino Cats are potentially of excellent mating quality if you are interested or thinking of an active kitten there are some important factors to remember which is the incompatibility in “Blood Group Types” in breeding which result in kitten deaths due to the neonatal isoerythrolysis which means different blood type group of that of the mother the information given here should be checked before breeding from an (Active) Sphynx or Bambino Kitten..

To explain further if a Sire (Male) cat has a blood group (A) and the Dam (Queen) is blood group type (B) any of her kittens born with a blood group (A) are potentially of a greater risk of developing this neonatal isoerythrolysis as the queens produces antibodies that pass through the kittens blood stream attacking the red blood cells after which 24 hours needs to pass before it is then safe for the kitten to suckle from it mother..

There would be negative outcomes breeding from Blood Types:

(A) Males with (A) females or
(A) Female with (B) Males
(B)Males (B) Females

(A/b) with (A) or (A/b) carrier of either sex (see illustrated diagram for information).

If needing more information on the above information on “Blood Group Types” in breeding Sphynx/Bambino kittens and the veterinary information on neonatal isoerythrolysis go to the links to International Cat Care icatcare.org

“Blood Group Typing” can checked by your local veterinary practice via a blood test or through to Langford Diagnostic Laboratories see the link langfordvets.co.uk for more information..