Bambino Kittens – have a wrinkled hairless appearance, and have short legs, which are the breed’s two most unique features their tiny legs are inherited from the “Sphynx” and the short legged “Munchkin Cat “actually the hind legs are longer than the front legs.

Physical Development –It is absolutely important that your “Bambino Kitten” first year is vital to his ultimate physical development in regards to their short legs, similar to a baby legs they need time to grow and strengthen before any continuing playful activities commence.

BE AWARE – these short-legged breed can climb up on your tables bookcases and cabinets, and will find ways to reach the awkward to get to places in your home, these legs may be short, but they are very capable of doing anything except jumping down from high places this is a difficult problem for them because of their fragile tiny petite legs..

Clothes Dressing – if you are thinking of dressing your adorable “Bambino Kitten” up in clothes again be-aware of their delicate and fragile short legs, and the way you handle them they do look rather cute when they are dressed up, and do look like very much like a baby as their name-sake illustrates “Bambino” means “Baby in Italian”.

Children – when introducing and welcoming your “Bambino Kitten” to your children it can be a very exciting prospect introducing a new pet into your home, so there would-be an intention to overpower the new kitten. They need to know that their needs must be respected, and an understanding to the fact that it’s just a baby kitten and not furry toys.

Playful Activities – these need to be in short intervals through the day because your “Bambino Kitten” needs to rest just like a human baby, as they are still in their physical development and growing the “Bambino Kitten” will take a year before it is fully developed so an understanding to their adaptability and agility to perform certain playful activities are very much unique and different to any other breed of cat..