The Bambino Cat is a cross between a short legged Munchkin and the hairless Canadian Sphynx Cat and was created by Pat and Stephanie Osborne in 2005 in America the breed was developed by crossing a Sphynx with a Munchkin, resulting in a cat with a mutated gene for no hair and short legs. This particular breed of cat was given the name “Bambino” which is Italian word for baby due to its cute kitten appearance.

The bambino cat breed are exceptionally understanding and therefore are easy to train, these cats are very loving and playful and get on well with children and other pets, their high level of adaptability and extreme intelligence this allows them to easily adjust to new environments quickly.

Similar to a Sphynx Cat the Bambino breed are totally hairless and do need regularly personal grooming because they produce more build-up of oils on their skins due to their hairless coat, these oils accumulated on their bodies quite rapidly, so regularly grooming, and bathing is essential to keep their skin hygienically clean.

This particular “Bambino” breed are extremely loving, and with their kitten-like cuteness appearance this then makes them the ideal cat companion and friend for your home.