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We are a small family sphynx breeder situated in the historical market town of Maesteg, which is based in the Llynfi Valley. Our Sphynx Cats and Kittens are just one of many belonging to a special and out of the ordinary breed of cat.

Its most prominent individualistic aspect are that they are entirely hairless. Most sphynx cats have distinctive colouring around their body. Their colouring is totally different to each cat, which creates their own uniqueness.

Our aim as a Sphynx Breeder is to produce good quality healthy Sphynx Cats and Kittens, essentially pursuing all required policy guidelines, and responsibilities, which is associated with the organisation of the GCCF (Governing Council of the Cat Fancy) Following their standard procedures is one of the objectives of a Professional Sphynk Cat Breeder.



The Sphynx Cat breed originated from Canada and descends from a genetic mutation.
In 1966 Ontario (Canada) a cat named Elizabeth had a litter of kittens and one was practically hairless.
The owner of the kitten called him “Prune” due to his wrinkled, bald appearance. “Prune” was mated with his mother, which then produced a litter of hairless kittens.

This established the second generation of hairless kittens in a natural mutation, this was managed in order to preserve the breed.

In 1970s two sets of hairless cats emerged in North America from Toronto there was Bambi, Punki, and Paloma, then in Minnesota the offspring of a short haired farm cat called Jezebel, which included Prune’s offspring this formed the genetic Sphynx Breed line. Dutch Breeder Hugo Hermandez imported two of the younger cats named Paloma and Punkie to the Netherlands, which were Prune’s last two descendants in a view to breed a pedigree there.

In time this established a European line marking the beginning of the ancestry of Sphynx cat Breed.