Zummi – Retired Female Bambino Neutered

Ellenium Zummi.fw

Cost = £500 (click button below to make payment)

Name: Zummi

Gender and Breeding Status: Retired Female Bambino Neutered.

Registered Pedigree Breeder: – Governing Council of the Cat Fancy (Grand and Great Champion Pedigree Ancestry History) and documentation proof.

Medical History: up-to date on all relevant vaccinations. Recent health check result excellent. HCM (Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy) tested – negative result document validated proof.


Previously active female bambino with pedigree status but now neutered she is aquiring a new home..
Zummi is a loving, friendly and full of life a cat who adores playful stimulation activities ideally looking for a peacful quiet home where she can enjoy her retirement, she enjoys going being outside in the garden for small periods at a time in the summer..
Zummi has been vaccinated for FeLV and FIV, and have been wormed, litter trained, and she will also leave with contract and pedigree paperwork.

HCM Negative Paperwork provided and Registered with the World Cat Federation..